MCSE NT Workstation 4.0 Study Guide


Electronic Book Exams and Simulations Interactive Self Study

This CD-ROM contains the following items

An electronic version of the entire book in HTML format. To view any chapter in the book, click on the "Electronic Book" button and select the appropriate chapter.

An electronic self-study test bank containing over 300 questions from the end of each chapter. An incorrect response automatically links you to the appropriate section of the book for further study. A correct response links you to the next question. Click on "Interactive Self Study".

Sample Exams and Simulations from market leading certification tools vendors including, Self-Test Software's PEP, Transcender's CERT, VFX Technologies Endeavor, BeachFront Quizzer's BFQuiz, and Microhard Technologies MCSEQuest. Click on "Exams and Simulations"


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